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It can be stressful and scary to plan an event in Columbus, whether it’s a sales meeting for a business, a conference for a trade association, or even a lavish incentive trip! From the moment you decide to host the event until the final bill is paid, our team of professionals in the event sector is capable of managing the day-to-day details because they are familiar with the challenges involved. We work as an extension of your team, taking care of the logistics planning so that you and your coworkers can focus on the event’s purpose and its substance. Working together throughout the entire process, we will ensure its success!

Venue Sourcing & Site Selection

Organizing a conference or event for a large number of people can be a lot of effort, so why not let us handle the details? Not only have we built lasting connections with the world’s leading hotel chains, but also with hundreds of independent hotels and venues as well as convention and visitor bureaus in every corner of the globe. Our sourcing talents are unrivaled, and we can handle any event, whether it’s a corporate business meeting with 10,000 attendees, an annual association trade fair with 10,000 attendees, or a board meeting with 10 attendees. Because our process is efficient and easy to understand, you will have more time to focus on the finer points of organizing your conference or event in Columbus, OH.

Event Contract Negotiation

As a corporate event planning service in Columbus, OH, our involvement doesn’t end once you’ve selected a destination or a venue. We will assist you by reviewing contracts and negotiating terms on your behalf using the extensive industry knowledge and experience we possess. Every contact is given its own individual evaluation to make certain that you have the best terms possible secured, which will allow you to proceed with confidence with your event.

Site Inspection & Logistics

Site inspection is an extremely important aspect of planning an event. Some venues can claim that their venue can support a certain amount of people when in reality it’s a tight fit. We always want our clients to be comfortable and get what they pay for! Additionally, site inspections helps keep your visitors, potential clients, and employees safe by making sure that there aren’t any surprise hazards associated with the venue. All of the critical components that make the venue operate perfectly will be taken care of for you from start to finish! No company should be expected to put on a great event and also have to worry about every logistical problem associated. That’s where we can help! Contact us to see why companies continue to work with Mindful Meeting Pros!

Trade Show

Setting up a great trade show can be extremely challenging. We’re experienced in setting up even the most complex trade shows. Our staff helps with every aspect of the process from start to finish. Making sure that your vendors feel like they want to continue working with you as well as being treated fairly is one of our top priorities! This helps you to enjoy the trade show at its finest as well as ensure that you receive repeat clients. We’re able to give you tons of custom options as well as help you pick the right location. Once you have all of the basic aspects of the trade show set up we’re able to work with you to get the best prices as well as plan the event specifically. Vendors will certainly appreciate the attention to detail and organization that our staff always provides. Contact us to make the best first impression!

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Corporate Event Planning Columbus

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