Teams Work in MMP

MMP makes booking hotel rooms for travel teams a breeze.

Dance, cheerleaders, gymnasts, travel ball, quilting, church, chess, tennis, charity events, etc. Whoever you are, we have the perfect solution to help promote your event. 

The application includes a hotel booking engine that is customized for your event. The exclusive website is branded for your event. Just like any on-line travel site, attendees are able to book rooms and enter payment information directly to secure their room.

Group competitions often require a need to be close to a specific venue, we can provide a group of hotels surrounding the radius. Your customized web page can be easily shared via social media and group website. 

Our proprietary sub-block technology allows a group leader, such as a coach or team parent, to hold a block of rooms at one of the contracted properties. A unique booking link is created for the reserved block, which can then be sent to their team members so they can book their rooms individually. Each team can be traced within the larger group block.

We look forward to connecting with you to discuss how MMP can help your group get there.