Taking your Corporate Event Attendance to the Next Level

Meeting attendance is a big deal in the business world. If you want your next corporate event to be a smash success, you should make attendance rate your number one priority. Luckily, paying close attention to these five attendance rate suggestions can work like a charm.

One - Do a Lot of Networking

Diligently research upcoming happenings that have a lot in common with your next event. Where exactly do the people who make up your target audience spend their precious time? Set up a booth at relevant events that appeal to your audience members. You can also ask to be a sponsor at pertinent events that do not tie in with your business “rivals.” If you make yourself a presence at these kinds of events, you’ll be able to network with your audience. Mingling with these people can help you spread the word about any and all events that are in the pipeline for you.

Two - Zero in on Content Marketing

Rock-solid content can go a long way for event planners who wish to boost attendance rates significantly. Put together social media blogs that consist of details that are actually relevant to your audience. Steer clear of the temptation to bombard readers with excessive keywords. Simply zero in on information that’s genuinely interesting and pertinent. Be sincere. If you come across as being credible and honest, you’ll encourage your audience members to give what you have to offer a chance. You’ll motivate them to check out your upcoming events as well.

Three - Send Out Personalized Invitations

Do you want to set your corporate event apart? Try your hand at personalized invitations. Think about the individuals who have gone to your events before. Considering sending them invites that are 100 percent personalized. You don’t have to worry if your upcoming event is a brand new one, either. Think about sending individualized invitations to leads that have visited your business website. 

What exactly makes personalized invites so helpful to event planners who want to boost attendance rates? These invites pave the way for strong relationship building. It’s critical to do your best to put together tangible relationships that provide your audience members with solid incentives to go to your next big business happening. Your personalized invites can be in email message form. If you have energy and time to spare, they can be in classic letter form as well. You can even try a combination of both communication approaches.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can thank people who have gone to your previous events by giving them invites that include small and thoughtful gifts. Think about coupons, gift certificates and similar options.

Four - Try Teasers

Try giving your audience members tantalizing “teasers” that showcase all of the exciting things that are in store for the people who go to your future corporate event. Perhaps your event is going to have irresistible giveaways. Maybe it will have tasty hors d’oeuvres straight from Italy or France. It might have welcoming amenities such as photo booths, too. Present your audience members with social media and website teasers that will make them wonder about what you have in the works for your event. Ask your catering company for images that highlight some of the delicious starter items that are on the menu. You want your audience members to feel like they absolutely cannot afford to miss out on all of the excitement.

Five - Join Forces with Pertinent and Widely Known Influencers in your Field

Teaming up with relevant influencers who have a lot of sway in your specific field or industry can be a game changer. If you’re planning a culinary festival, for example, it may help to reach out to well-known foodie bloggers who may give your event a shout-out on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet. If you join forces with an influencer who has a particularly loyal fanbase, you may be surprised to see how it positively affects your attendance rate. Don’t forget that relationships with reputable influencers can boost your own credibility in a big way. People like to take recommendations from influencers who have strong track records, after all.

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